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LB Aesthetics is a private skin studio specializing in skin barrier repair for multicultural skin while focusing on effortlessly improving your confidence with a routine dedicated to your skin health and the upkeep of natural beauty with minor enhancements like lash extensions.

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hey, i’m nadia

a licensed esthetician on a mission to make your skin glow and your beauty knowledge grow with simple routines to better your lifestyle.

Are you ready....


to take control of your skin and get rid of the acne?

Check out my acne program to help you achieve clear skin from the comfort of your home.



“Don’t allow your acne to control you!

Instead, learn how to get it under control!

LB Aesthetics' virtual Acne Be Gone program is personalized and designed to help get your acne under control by providing consistent and structured support for clients to achieve their goals. The Acne Be Gone program will help clients understand ingredients in skincare, build habits to commit to a daily routine, and motivate them to keep a positive mindset during this journey.

During our first virtual visit, we will discuss everything about your skin concerns, the current products you’re using, your nutritious diet, your daily lifestyle, and details on the products we will use during the program. You are welcome to ask any questions about skincare to have a better understanding of your skin.

Acne is a common skin condition that a variety of factors can cause. The good thing is acne can be managed with the right treatment plan, patience, and commitment.

Our skincare program has helped many clients reach their goals and develop healthy routines.

How do I know if the acne program is for me?

If you are:

  • Self-conscious about the appearance of your skin
  • Experience frequent breakouts
  • Turn to social media for skincare advice
  • Spend lots of money on ineffective products
  • Clueless about where to start your journey
  • Ready to commit to improving your skin
  • The acne program is for you!

The acne program helped many clients get their acne under control, but the most important thing to remember is healthier, clear skin will not happen overnight. Your commitment is needed to reach a successful goal and an acne specialist will be there to help you.

The Acne Be Gone program includes:

✔︎ 45-Min Consultation

✔︎ 2 Week Check In

✔︎ Customized Routine

✔︎ Nutrition Guide

✔︎ Skincare Journal

✔︎ Text/Email Support

✔︎$200 Credit towards the First

Order of Skincare Products


before & after (6 months)

before & after (3 months)


Each client results are different.

It can take anywhere from 3 - 12 months to clear acne.

Patience and consistency is key.

Clearing acne and achieving skincare goals can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

We suggest a minimum of 3 monthly check-ins between the client and the acne specialist for updates on skin and changes to routine.

Monthly Check In



✔︎ (2) 30 Minute Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

✔︎ Text/Email Support

✔︎ Updates to Routine (If Needed)


IN DEPTH SKINCARE consultation

A personal 1:1 virtual skincare chat with Nadia is a great way to dive deep into your skin concerns with the opportunity to receive expert advice and personalized recommendations for your specific skin type.

During the skincare chat, Nadia takes her time to listen to your concerns and asks questions about your skincare routine in order to provide a detailed analysis to suggest products that will work best for you, which are professional-grade skincare products that are available through licensed estheticians. Virtual skincare chats include a customized skincare routine with an ingredient list.

Skincare products recommended are best for success in improving your skin health. Skincare products will be additionally charged and purchased with Nadia.


(includes $100 credit towards skincare products)


OURS OF operation

Monday - Friday

10 am - 4 pm